Society with democratic values and human rights for peace, justice and prosperity by working collectively with stakeholder and local, regional, national and international bodies and partners. MissionSustainable community development to secure the future of marginalized communities by engaging, mobilizing and capacitating the vulnerable and marginalized sections of the society particularly peasants, workers, women and ethnic minorities in order to bring socio- political changes in their lives.

 ObjectivesTo Enhance literacy and education particularly among girls and women in the rural areas.  To Empower people, especially women through group formation, training and networking. To Reduce poverty by providing training, initiating area specific income generation programs. To Conserve local environment by taking appropriate measures and providing services. Promotion of peace, social harmony and elimination of extremism at all levels whether its violence against women or terrorism                against the whole society.To conduct research and undertake policy level advocacy on related themes and to facilitate mechanisms which promote tolerance, social harmony and peace in society.Reduce mortality among pregnant women, mothers, infants and children through primary health services. 

AFN's Values Provide resources and basic facilities of life to all rural and marginalized people.  Uplift marginalized community on a level from where they can demand their rights. Gender equity, inclusion of all classes in society, and respect for diversity and integrity  Promotion of Peace and Social Harmony.Brilliance at equality in carrying out the community development actions.  Understanding and cooperation with the community of target areas.