Anjuman Falah-e-Niswan (AFN)   
Mission A Society with democratic values and human rights for peace, justice and prosperity by working collectively with stakeholder and local,  regional, national and international bodies and partners. Sustainable community development to secure the future of marginalized communities by engaging, mobilizing and capacitating the  vulnerable and marginalized sections of the society particularly peasants, workers, women and ethnic minorities in order to bring socio-  political changes in their lives Anjuman Falah-e-Niswan (AFN) is a registered non-profit organization initiated by a group of young political activists, educationists, policy  analysts, sociologists and community activists.AFN was founded in 1979 and formally registered on June 20, 1980 under the Societies Act  1961. Copyright 2012, All Rights Reserved with Anjuman Falah-e-Niswan  Designed by